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PlutoMango: I write about anything which interests me-could be anime, movies, travel, fashion, news…or what I had for breakfast. These days I’ve been writing extensively on Cowboy Bebop post a rewatch of the anime. Also rewatching some old favourites and writing about those.

  • Reanalysing Cowboy Bebop: Like 30 Articles on Cowboy Bebop covering Analyses, References/Influences, Philosophy, Character Sketches, Rabbit Holes etc.
  • Anime Articles: Reviews/analyses etc. on different anime, mostly stuff from the 80s/90s/early 2000s

Please Note: The content on this site is covered by Copyright and a Creative Commons license. Have a look at these in the sidebar and understand the terms. If you want to reuse anything fully or partially you need to take permission and give proper credit. I have no ownership or official affiliation to the anime I write about or their associated merchandise, imagery etc. Whatever is used here is done non-commercially.

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