Learn the same lesson a hundred times
Or a hundred lessons once
Fate draws a hand for each and every
The King, the Queen, the Devil, and the Dunce

Is home a place, a person, or memory?
Is comfort a hope, another, or simply not being on the run?
Did you write your own story or did you rewrite it?
Or are you a pawn, a puppet for fun?

Judgement for what makes no sense today
It may be your truth tomorrow
And that may not stay very long anyway
Lock it, conceal it, steal, beg or borrow

One life to live, one to throw away
Love, hate, kill, lend helping hands, choose your way
One voice to ask what you’re leaving behind you
Heed, hide, muffle, it’s still not that hollow

You’re writing the story, it’s your own to tell
Write it a misery or a beautiful tomorrow
So many paths, so many horizons
The choice is yours only, which one to follow.

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I am a mango who lives on Pluto. I like to write, you like to read. That makes us official best friends.

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