Just a random palate cleanser because the two months taken suspended from reality are coming to an end and I need to think again about things like what condition my home is going to be in after being locked for two months. I like my home but the little kitten who used to walk in unsolicited with every delivery person will probably be grown up now and that’s a weird thought. I wonder if my plants are still alive-the person who was watering them has gone on vacation now. Hopefully I’m back in time to save them.

Back to the rush of the big city and its maddening pace. I don’t feel up for it but someone has to do it. This time was supposed to have been spent somewhere in Sri Lanka but thanks to Omnicron (or Orangutan, as someone called it the other day-I prefer Orangutan personally) that didn’t happen either.

Kind of feel like buying a very large liveable boat and going to live somewhere on the ocean but then I remember I don’t eat fish. Too old to join the Navy and too clumsy to be a pirate (I guess that might also disqualify me from the Navy). Oh well.

I need to migrate old writings to this blog too….

Another year nearly over. Happy New Year everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Rambling…”

  1. Wishing you, the cat, and the plants the very best in the upcoming year! Take your time transitioning back to reality and remember nothing is normal for anyone anymore and there’s never been a schedule to follow for getting yourself sorted out and settled down – we all do the best we can each and every day, and that “best” is never the same so just be patient and kind with yourself 💖

    1. Awww. Thank you so much. I really needed this message today. Having been around family for two months, somewhere the idea of going back to “real life” is feeling daunting for the first time ever. I shall follow that advice. It sounds very wise.

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