My Fangirling Exceptions

Ok this will be a very useless post because there are just too many dark things going on in the world and I’m still a bit mentally exhausted at the moment. So I need fluff and nonsense. I don’t usually do a lot of those because there is a creature in me who likes to dissect everything even when not required but I’ve been writing on some dark stuff too lately and I need a minute (here’s looking at you Macross Plus).

Kino no Tabi

This was born of a friend of mine being on my case about not finding Spike Spiegel “hot” or worthy of fangirl behavior (she would marry him if he was real…actually she may still do it). She felt it was required of me since I wrote so much on “his show.” I’m a woman in my early 30s (as is my friend) so honestly fangirling isn’t really required of me I guess but the truth is I never had the fangirl gene (no offense to fangirls everywhere-you do you). I don’t find fictional men attractive whether live action or animated (I’m heterosexual so that’s not the disqualifier either-no I confirmed it too). So I really struggled to put this together but then there are some exceptions. I wanted to do five but couldn’t even come up with that many so ended up adding a section on anime men generally found worthy of fangirling who I just don’t get. And you can bet Spike Spiegel is going on top of that one…because I am a child…and so is he.

Anime Guys I can be a Fangirl over…sort of…if you squint

Ginko (Mushishi): Truth be told, my list starts and ends at this man. He is probably the only fictional character I have ever seen and felt like yeah I could be ok with that. Ginko is sorted and unproblematic. He is mature, kind, has a code of honor, sense of humour, and also has this scientist sort of side to him when it comes to Mushi which again I can appreciate. I like his easy-going nature juxtaposed against his being a Mushishi and I like his whole thing of being a traveling hermit who helps people as he goes. Honestly, I’m not sure if I “want” Ginko or just want to be Ginko.

Ginko Mushishi

Genjo Sanzo (Saiyuki): Why? I do not know. The man is a monk (well not really cause he never took vows), angry ALL THE TIME, threatens to shoot everyone constantly. But I guess what endears me to him is that he has a soft side which is genuinely very deep, he is wise beyond his years, has a sad past which didn’t corrupt him, and he is anti-establishment but in a good sort of way.

Genjo Sanzo

Jin (Samurai Champloo): Do we see a pattern here? I guess I like the general quiet wisdom of Jin, his “honorable Ronin” situation, his whole arc with Shino, the contrast he offers with Mugen, his general calm and composure. I get it.

Jin Samurai Champloo

Honorable mentions who nearly made the cut: Batou (Ghost in the Shell), Roy Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist), Abel Nightroad (Trinity Blood)…good work boys, maybe next time I pick random names out of a hat…

Fangirl-ed over Anime men…I don’t get

I’m just gonna list these. I got their names off random internet lists and what my friends go nuts over….there’s no science here really and I did not put much effort in coming up with this list at-all:

Spike Spiegel
  1. Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop): He’s a manchild. I don’t get his charm. I like him, I’ve gone deep trying to understand him, but I do NOT want him. He needs therapy and that’s that. I never even realized he was supposed to be “hot” till very recently. Of course, he’s also here because my friend wants him to not be here so there’s that…sorry Spike.
  2. Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist): Literally a child so no
  3. L/Light (Death Note): See above. They’re children…well initially, at-least. No I don’t see the charm. I can’t fancy villains either. Who is putting Light on these lists?
  4. Levi Ackerman (Attack on Titan): There’s so much AOT around these days that I can’t even….goes for all AOT guys
  5. Mugen (Samurai Champloo): I’m putting him here because I put Jin up there. Again manchild.
  6. Sesshoumaru (Inuyasha): I’m not masochistic so no. Also grooming Rin? Ew, no!
  7. Lancer (Fate/Zero): Too much of a pretty boy
  8. Vash the Stampede (Trigun): I’m just adding him here cause I want to. He wasn’t on any lists oddly enough. I like Vash but too problematic and also kinda skirt-chasing?
  9. Tatsu (Way of the Househusband): Are you kidding me? The man is a ticking time bomb! No!
  10. Everyone from Naruto/Bleach/DBZ/Tokyo Ghoul/Ouran/Academia/(fill in name of done to death anime)….just no…also mostly children

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  1. Hey it’s me again, I’m sorry for not commenting on here since last mid-February. I’ll respond back to more of your writings in the future. It’s been a rough few weeks, on February 21st, we had to put down our dog who is a 9.5 year old bloodhound mix. He had a stomach tumor apparently that just got worse and he was suffering. It really hit me out of the blue since I’m not always up at my parents house. 🙁

    And then we have this entire Russia-Ukraine fiasco which I don’t even want to get into right now so yeah the last few weeks have been stellar, but I’m doing a little bit better now. I’ll respond back as soon as I can.

    I need to get up early tomorrow, so take care.

  2. Hey there Eddie! I can completely understand needing some time off. All of that sounds very difficult to deal with. I was just discussing a few days back with another friend who lost a pet. A lot of people tend to assume it’s an animal so the pain would be less but it’s really not. Losing a pet can be as bad as losing a friend or a family member. I really hope you are doing ok and are able to feel better soon.
    The whole situation with Russia and Ukraine is just heart-breaking. I keep reading about it and then there are times when it’s just too much to imagine that in this connected, modern world a nation is standing on the brink of complete obliteration and we can do so little.
    Take your time. I always enjoy hearing back from a reader. Lately I have also been taking a bit of a break from writing about Bebop. Have been focusing on other anime because I had things needing my attention on the personal front and each article around that show requires several weeks of work from my end which I can’t put in right now.
    Also, writing on something so revered means the expectations get very high sometimes. I try to get everything as right as possible and cross-check my research and conclusions but I’m hardly perfect. Keeping up with each individual was becoming a bit exhausting for me and I was finding myself disliking something I love so decided to take some time off.
    Hopefully I’ll get some more time in the near future and find a better mental space to be able to come back and finish what I started because there’s a lot to cover still. 🙂
    Look forward to hearing from you again.

    1. Oh don’t worry I’ll probably respond back to your other articles in the near future.

      That dog was a loving and sweet gentle giant of a hound dog, he loved his mama and he loved me as well. Didn’t have a single mean streak in him, he’s a bloodhound so that makes sense since they are generally seen as gentle giants.

      Yeah it really sucks, in hindsight I’m super glad to have gone to Russia in 2019 just prior to Covid-19 and prior to this entire invasion fiasco. My sister use to teach special education over there and I had a chance to go to Moscow and stay in Russia for nearly one month touring the entire country going on the Trans-Siberian Railway for a two week long trip. It was a great time back in 2019 when this type of event was almost unthinkable.

      Anyway I’ll see you back in the future, do you plan on doing any more analysis or articles related to Bebop? Let me know in due time. 🙂

      1. Ah wonderful. Glad you got to see the country this way. Hopefully things will quiet down soon.
        Yes I do have a good number of articles still to write on Bebop. I don’t know if you have read all the ones up on the site. There are like 30 so if you haven’t you can read them in the meantime. They are in the Reanalysing Bebop section you can access from the homepage of the site.
        I’ll start writing again on Bebop in April. There is a new article on world building about Carole & Tuesday and how it compares to the same locations being built in Bebop which may be interesting for you. 🙂

  3. I’ll read through the rest of your analysis articles in due time, and not until April? What? That’s like so fa- oh wait it’s already March 12 lol, that’ll be in about a month then. Wow time flies just like that.

    I’m so glad that next week it’ll be warmer out again and not so cold, I’m glad that spring is almost here.

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