Macross Plus OVA vs. Movie: #Mechamarch2022

Comparing the Macross Plus OVA and the movie has been an informal anime life goal for me. Why? Because while both are constructed from mostly the same material they are somewhat different creatures. Not entirely different but enough to not make them the same experience. There are times when each enunciates on different themes or presents the same situation divergently, representing or developing characters a bit distinctly, and telling the same story in but in different ways.

macross plus ova and movie

Background to Both Versions: Macross Plus was initially released in 1994 as a four part OVA (of around 40 mins each) in Japanese and subsequently in English for International markets. It was initially conceived as a feature-length piece by Keiko Nobumoto and hence in 1995 a Movie Edition was released which is 1 Hour 54 Minutes long featuring mostly the same footage as the original but often realigned or restructured and with 20 minutes of new or alternate footage.

When I started writing my analysis on Macross Plus I realised I simply cannot do justice to some of it without doing this analysis first so here we are. This series will go sequence by sequence over a set of articles analysing the variations, their significance, and impact. I’ll keep each short so they are easier to consume. Not sure if something like this already exists but I couldn’t find it. Please share with me if you are aware of something.

A big thanks to Scott at Mechanical Anime Reviews for showing enthusiasm about my plans to write about Macross Plus (though he now needs to judge how justified that was) which was a great bit of motivation. He does an annual event called Mecha March which you should check out. I’ll tag this and the next post with his hashtag #Mechamarch2022 in honour of that.

This took me a good four weeks to get through since it meant watching bite sized footage of each simultaneously, making notes, screenshots etc. but I’m happy I did it. Not sure how many Macross Plus aficionados are out there who would want to go this detailed and actually read it all. If I make mistakes please bear with me and just point them out. I’ll go back and fix them. I will be doing more detailed analyses on some of the overarching themes/characters etc. of Macross Plus separately so might not go into too much detail on those here beyond comparison/observations in these pieces. You can check the list of planned articles below.

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The Macross Plus Series:

  1. Introduction: The Macross Plus Series
  2. Macross Plus OVA vs. Movie: Introduction
    1. Macross Plus OVA vs. Movie: Part 1
    2. Macross Plus OVA vs. Movie: Part 2
    3. Macross Plus OVA vs. Movie: Part 3
    4. Macross Plus OVA vs. Movie: Part 4
    5. Macross Plus OVA vs. Movie: Part 5
    6. Macross Plus OVA vs. Movie: Reflections
  3. Macross Plus: Key Themes
  4. Macross Plus: Characters and Relationships
  5. Macross Plus vs. Macross Franchise
  6. Macross Plus: Creators and Legacy

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