Quick Life and Posting Update

So I have been pretty much zero on my posting here in the last couple of weeks and I suppose that will continue through first half of April at-least because I am changing jobs and moving cities. It’s a lot to handle by myself. Like most Indian parents, mine have also conjectured that I have no clue what I’m doing even though this is like the 20th or so move of my life so lots of anxieties of others to calm down too. Should all get sorted out soon hopefully.

I have a lot of WIPs with me which I really want to edit and get out but unfortunately they will need to wait. I’m not a full-time content creator and I don’t think I want to be one either since the moment I do something full-time I lose interest in it (don’t tell my boss) but I feel like I owe it to the content I love to get the pieces I wrote on it out even if no one ever reads them.

The Bebop essays seem to be getting a renewed bit of love and attention from the Bebop community lately so I’m looking forward to returning to that for a bit and finishing what I started (seriously it should just be published as a PhD now maybe? How can 26 episodes and a movie have so much crap worth writing about?). Also have the Macross Plus stuff which is mostly done but needs to be edited, a couple of articles on Kotaro Lives Alone, three on Saiyuki and a few on random anime and movies I watched which are all WIP with me but I don’t have the time or mental energy right now to tackle them. Hopefully once I’m more settled-in or some random moment when I get a burst of energy I’ll get some stuff out.

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