Macross Plus OVA vs. Movie: Part 2

Heavy Spoilers: Second part of comparing the Macros Plus OVA vs. the Movie

The movie jumps directly post this to Isamu getting scolded by Millard and getting banned from flying for three days followed by his and Lucy’s date while the OVA goes post the introduction to a sequence with Isamu researching the fighter craft and a simulation training which he does badly in making Yang yell at him for not taking things seriously. Both narratives converge at the date sequence which is just Isamu driving rashly and catching a note of Sharon’s song which reminds him of Myung.

The next scene is in the cafeteria where Guld’s colleagues are joking about Isamu being pulled up and their chances of winning being good. In the movie, they are happy Isamu has been banned for 3 days while in the OVA it’s more about just him screwing up. In both, Guld warns his colleagues to not underestimate him. This is a very powerful scene because while both have just been shown fighting each other passionately in both versions, this scene is Guld’s quiet acceptance of his past association and familiarity with Isamu. It’s a very private moment of him delving back into a time when things were better between them.

Myung’s press conference is running in the background of this sequence in both versions and Guld becomes aware of it, realising Myung is there in the city and managing Sharon. The conference is played out similarly in both versions with a reporter raising concerns on a computer-generated voice being emotionless and Raymond defending it claiming Sharon’s feelings will be hurt by the claim.

The OVA then proceeds with the scene of Myung and Sharon showing up to the crowd which is shown at the beginning of the movie followed by shots of Sharon’s concert being set up and the scene with Myung supervising Sharon’s adjustment. Marge shows up but just to inform Myung her taxi is here with no warning on the media. She departs and goes to Star Hill followed by a sequence of Isamu and Lucy flirting with each other while on their date.

The movie on the other hand skips to a sequence which does not happen in the OVA between Raymond and Myung where he asks if she would prefer to sing in place of Sharon and she informs him her singing days are over. She talks to him about how Sharon has won so many hearts mentioning that she will be out of work if Sharon does become complete but she is happy as long as fans are happy. Raymond wonders why Sharon doesn’t awaken even though her system is complete which Myung attributes to her own emotions perhaps not being strong enough. Raymond also seems to have a romantic interest in Myung which she sort of pretends to ignore and divert by focusing on a fake flower in his vase.

There are three key themes of the series addressed in this one scene. One is a woman’s consent and unwanted romantic attention, the second is a human-dependent machine’s efficacy being as good as the person it relies on to run (Sharon functioning inadequately since Myung’s emotions are lacking and Guld’s craft not performing optimally due to his own tripping up at the hands of his Zentradi blood), and third is the redundancy of a human at the hands of a machine. Makes it a rather important scene and hence I feel it adds value to the movie. I also find it interesting that Raymond mentions Sharon’s AI is complete in this scene while in the OVA it is clearly mentioned it is incomplete and hence there is a need to rely on Myung. Since both versions do feature the microchip later, I get confused if the intention is to show Sharon’s AI in different states in each.

Both versions again converge at Star Hill for Guld and Myung’s meeting followed by Isamu and Lycy showing up which is played out in the same way so I won’t go into it much. Notable here is Myung’s attempt to appear as if all is ok and Guld realizing nothing is alright and offering to help her which makes for a very powerful sequence during a rewatch. I am always struck by how much reconstruction Myung has done for herself after being abused by one friend and abandoned by the other. Guld informs Isamu he will get neither Myung nor the project, almost reducing her to the status of a commodity while Isamu claims he is only interested in the project. Myung stays caught between the egos of these two men, another major theme in the series.

There is one change here which is in the dialogue when Guld first accosts Isamu. Since the first dialogue of Guld calling Isamu a traitor didn’t happen in the movie, it was changed. This dialogue is actually quite significant since it foreshadows the understanding the audience later get of Guld believing Isamu to have assaulted Myung when actually it was him.

The next sequences in the movie is a fairly benign mashup of the two YFs being test piloted by Isamu and Guld which are actually clips from much more dramatic sequences in the OVA. This is shown as a montage sequence occurring over some time interspersed by Myung being immersed into the AI in preparation of the concert.

This is followed by the scene of Guld looking up Isamu’s records and his Zentradi blood acting up which was shown earlier in the OVA but it’s interspersed with scenes of his memory of Myung’s assault which he believes was done by Isamu. In the OVA the trigger for his Zentradi blood seems simply to be his rivalry and hatred for Isamu while in the movie it’s specifically shown to be triggered by this sequence again enunciating slightly different motifs.

On the other hand, the OVA takes a very different approach depicting Isamu and Guld’s first test flight together where Guld is easily able to outshine Isamu initially. He is more focused on the task at hand in this sequence than Isamu who is lagging and trying very hard to match up to Guld out of rivalry. However, Guld loses control of the YF-21 as there is disruption in his brainwave connect and he flashes back to the scene of seeing Isamu with Myung right after the assault. He is angry since under the impression Isamu was the culprit.

He goes into free fall as a result and Isamu rescues him finally on Millard’s orders. However, just as they land safely Guld imagines a scenario where he causes Isamu to have an accident and his craft responds by manifesting it. Isamu is livid, accusing Guld of having done it on purpose. The other man mocks him but also apologises stating it was an accident. This is again a pretty critical scene going back to the motifs of fragile masculinity and ego clashes between two men. Guld takes a step back in this case and apologizes.

Guld flies the YF-21 and the sequence is followed by Myung supervising Sharon Apple’s programming where Marge shows up to warn her that reporters are catching on to there being a flaw in Sharon’s software so she should be careful during the press conference.

I won’t do a separate observation bit here. Rather, I’ll post the third and fourth parts and then do a combined observation bit.

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