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I’ve been blogging for…well…like around a good total of eight to nine years now. For me it’s always been a way of recording my own life. My blogs have always had the same name, not because of The Doors but because of the movie by Fatih Akin. This is the third version in existence.

Anime blogging is a comeback thing for me because till a few months ago I had actually not watched any anime in around ten years at-least. Like a blanket zero. Had too much to do so it sort of faded away along with art/painting and the other little hobbies I’ve had. Those I still dabbled in here and there but this was like done and over. I’ve been drawing more lately too actually. Maybe that’s a return-to-anime side product. I don’t know how long I plan to stick around since I find myself blogging more on life stuff again lately but I’m here currently at-least with stuff I still want to write.

Actually made coming back to it a lot more…interesting and also sort of sad. Sad why? Because I couldn’t find all the people who made it fun for me the first time around. I’ve been watching anime since I was 11 but during my late teens there was something here called, a forum for Indian anime fans. ‘Stan’ means country or nation in Urdu so basically anime nation.

When I looked for it this time, it was gone along with everyone from that era. There was this one person from Chennai whom everyone called Rava-san who was like an anime guru. I remember him being the person who introduced me to Makoto Shinkai and many other important directors. Couldn’t find him. Animax India wrapped up long ago though it still exists in Asia.

My search did take me smack dab into the middle of the current community which consists just of kids under the age of twenty loving their Naruto and AOT. They assumed I was a guy and called me “Uncle” which was fun. That’s where my identification as a relic came from. For whatever reason I recall the earlier community I was a part of being much more diverse and active in its taste, probably due to the influence of people like Rava-san. I hope if he ever finds this he realises how much value he added in the lives of random kids. He was a guy in like his early twenties only but looking back I can only picture Master Yoda.

Comic cons still happen in the major cities though they’re heavier on DC/Marvel. I hope they continue to happen post-pandemic too. Anyway so I’m sort of here by myself getting nostalgic on my blog about all the stuff I loved. I’m pretty sure that crowd is still around out there. I just need to figure out where. I did end up on a date with someone a few months ago who was kind of into these things but he was also batshit insane so that was a deal-breaker. I like anime but not that much. For now though I’m pretty happy doing what I’m doing because I really like revisiting those favourites with the eyes of an adult and spending time with them. It’s another step in recording my life but sort of retrospective.

Added bonus has been the online community I’ve found who enjoy the same kind of stuff. Having an on and off three-day long conversation with a reader because they had so many things to debate and discuss on some stuff they read, having someone print out like 25+ articles and then share their reflections on them on their social media over several days (I’m not saying what I wrote was great but someone showing that kind of passion over something you created is humbling), bonding over Kotaro Lives Alone and trauma with another reader, someone wanting to watch Macross Plus because they found the articles about it interesting, and of-course my dear Malia who went from reader to close friend and whom I can thank for so much beyond just our common interests, all of those and many more are my current “animestan” I guess. Heck I even appreciate that one stan who makes all the pamphlets (those in the know will get who I’m talking about) because he keeps it interesting.

I do sometimes wish I had as much time to write now as I did due to my surgery when I first started this blog but I’m not willing to get poked by a scalpel again either. Either way, it’s all fun. Maybe someday my lost tribe will show up too.

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