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Nodame Cantabile: Romance done right

The slow-burn romance of Nodame Cantabile, developed against a background of music and very compelling characters, is a recommended watch

Revisiting Makoto Shinkai’s 5 Centimetres per Second (No Spoilers)

Long story short, it’s amazing

Macross Plus
  1. Introduction: The Macross Plus Series
  2. Macross Plus OVA vs. Movie: Introduction
    1. Macross Plus OVA vs. Movie: Part 1
    2. Macross Plus OVA vs. Movie: Part 2
    3. Macross Plus OVA vs. Movie: Part 3
    4. Macross Plus OVA vs. Movie: Part 4
    5. Macross Plus OVA vs. Movie: Part 5
  3. Macross Plus OVA vs. Movie: Reflections
  4. Macross Plus: Key Themes
  5. Macross Plus: Characters and Relationships
  6. Macross Plus vs. Macross Franchise
  7. Macross Plus: Creators and Legacy

My Fangirling Exceptions

I’m not a fangirl…never been. A pointless article with just me rambling on anime guys…and three I can be a fangirl for…

Carole and Tuesday, Bebop, and Dandy: Observations on World Building (No Spoilers)

The world of Carole and Tuesday, similarities and contrasts with other shows like Cowboy Bebop and Space Dandy set in the same universe

Tokyo Godfathers

Tokyo Godfather: Misfits and Miracles (some assembly required) (Some Spoilers)

A look at Satoshi Kon’s masterpiece Tokyo Godfathers along story, themes, visuals, characters and the impact of Keiko Nobumoto’s writing

Black Lagoon

I watched Black Lagoon and didn’t like it….Black Lagoon Review (Some Spoilers)

A review on the anime Black Lagoon, covering things I liked and did not like about it. It wasn’t my taste but is still a top anime

Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell…What the hell? Ghost in the Shell Live Action review

I didn’t like the Live Action…wrote this years ago but migrated it to this blog when I moved here cause the anger still persists