Cowboy Bebop: Interesting Content

So this is a WIP section but since a lot of information about Bebop is scattered around (it’s 20+ years old) I’m planning to just link cool stuff I’ve found over the years which is still around and add any other random useful information from my end.

  • Jazz Messengers: Details on References/Music/Merch
  • Overthinking it Essays and Analyses-read this for the hilarity of Stokes’ takes (my personal favorite is describing the Red Dragons’ HQ as “One Mafia Plaza?) and for a good understanding on how illogical Bebop can get
  • The Bebop Beat A recent podcast revisiting the series with some great guest appearances (I’m still getting through this one cause there’s a lot!)
  • Bebopattic Essays and Analyses (I don’t agree with them all and the take on the Movie is downright misogynistic but some interesting stuff there)

Code Memory: Ed’s Origin Story

Code Memory is a supplementary Bebop novel written by Dai Sato, one of the writers on Bebop, which was never released in English. It apparently tells how Ed (Francoise at that time) starts off as a more “normal” kid and becomes a hacker. She happens upon a data stash of the original dead hacker Radical Edward which gets downloaded into her along with his hacking and persona, resulting in the self we see during the series. The data has retained his personality somehow so it’s like a digital metempsychosis.

There’s a lot of supplementary material on the show in Japanese which was never released in English and mostly remains untranslated. As far as I know, only the anime guides and the manga were ever officially translated.