Reanalysing Cowboy Bebop

These essays are a relook at the anime Cowboy Bebop 15 years after I first watched it. They are just my takes and the show is very deep so I feel different individuals may view it differently. These are just an exploration I took up, not for any commercial purposes.

Disclaimer: I do not own Cowboy Bebop, related images, story, characters etc. and have no affiliation with the show or its creators.


cowboy bebop analysis

Cowboy Bebop: Alternate Take

Through analysing the show in depth, I came to the possibility of Julia having been intended as an antagonist. This caused a more positive, less nihilistic version of the series to emerge with quite a bit of character development. It answered most of my questions, explained bits that don’t make sense in the overall ‘canon’ narrative so I went with it.

These analyses are done sticking to the series we see on screen. I don’t really “ship” anyone…this was just something I wanted to explore. If you don’t agree, it’s ok. This isn’t gospel-but play nice. The anime guides are vague so I don’t consider them as absolute truth. My other pieces are neutral so you can read them even if this isn’t your cup of tea. If you’re a fan of Julia, just don’t read. Better than cribbing to me that you don’t agree.


General Stuff


Cowboy Bebop: Interesting Content

This is a WIP section but since a lot of information about Cowboy Bebop is scattered around (it’s 20+ years old) I’m planning to just link cool stuff I’ve found over the years which is still around and add any other random useful information from my end.