You baffle me, child
I wonder where I went wrong with you
Teenage ends…I don’t know if you know that
I really thought I’d told you…

I get that you’re busy, you have things to do
money to make, people to impress
but I’d really appreciate it
If you’d just let your siblings be
You know they all come crying to me
And please stop inventing things
to blow up your own Mom.

I know as a mother it’s my job to be kind
I love you to bits, I really do
But you’re dancing on my patience
I’ve nurtured you…I know, part of the job
But did you really have to grow up
to be an insufferable snob?

I’m trying to understand
why you’ve turned out so wild
Is it what we fed you? Well, you designed your own appetite
I’m being benevolent cause that’s what moms do
But don’t you forget kiddo
Moms can be human too.