We came for the spoils but stayed for the fun
We had traveled so far, we’d walked, we’d run
We found us a haven, one where there’s no spite
It’s beauty we trade in, there’s indigo and spice
We wait for you stranger, it’s here that we stay
Walk in some evening life leads you astray…

We’ve watched over time, you’ve toiled so hard
As we spent countless nights, counting sands and the stars
The music of water, the sun’s blinding light
We’ve watched over you, as you strengthened your might
To salvage what we may from the passage of time
With careful abandon as you built up your plight.

We stay till the day, we stay to obey
With the gentlest of toils as we hide it away
The inheritance you’ll come to seek for one day
Lest in the play of a child it’s scattered away
We stay here as guardians, we stay here as ghosts
For the wealth you’ve forgotten, the one you yearn most