Bit by bit, I built it up
I built up sweet sorrow so fine
I built up sweet shades of a wild masquerade
I built up a pain that’s divine

Bit by bit, I came your way
I followed you down here that day
Bit by bit, saw you for who you were hiding
You came but you came not to stay

I live for the memory, I live for today
I live for our shadows to fade with the day
I live so you’re living, you’re living in me
I live so you won’t fade away

I trace the fine stains of your fingers in mine
I still hear the heartbeat that you left behind
I trace every scene, every shot, every line
I remember each moment our lives were entwined

I pray for your soul, sweet devil of mine
My beautiful angel, pure beauty divine
I can’t feel the loss, you’re still in my mind
I can’t lose you ever, can’t lose what is mine.