The View from Up Here

I was asleep and then I woke up and now I’m wide awake so I decided to stop being lazy and take photos of the view I requested the hotel folks for and which they were super kind to oblige me with since I was staying here for like half a month and didn’t want to spend that peeking into someone’s backyard. So they stuck me on the 19th floor and it’s very cool.

It’s pretty. The hotel also has the nicest staff I’ve come across in a while. I mean the staff in hotels are always nice but these folk are just very professional and downright adorable about it. Since they see me everyday for breakfast I now have like a good 6-7 people who make it a point to have little breakfast conversations around everything under the sun and I feel somewhere between a toddler and a princess as a result.

It’s just very immaculate training and people policies on the part of the management since I’ve had fairly consistent experiences with this chain both here and in other countries. Have written them a recommendation already today but I think I’ll end up doing a bunch more by the time this is done. Case in point is the pancake below. The staff member handling this super-important project, upon hearing that this was a rare indulgence I was allowing myself since it’s Saturday, decided to hand-curate it herself guessing that I’d like a lot of chocolate chips (I did). Also, the chef responsible for the South Indian section is more than willing to discuss his coconut chutney recipe with you so please do that if you’re ever here. Also, please note if you don’t pay them they confiscate your baggage and use it to decorate their reception counter. That’s all. Gnite!